Fixed Home Loan Rates – What You Need to Know

By Kate Beaumont, Accredited Mortgage Consultant It is said that Aussies will bet on anything – even two flies crawling up a wall. Our bets have become a bit more sophisticated and now it seems the latest “bets” are taken between economic commentators on what the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) board will do to […]

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Giving the gift of compound interest

The first lesson most children learn about money is what they can spend it on – games, the latest toy, their own iPad – but it’s a parent’s obligation to also teach them about managing their money. And the earlier we can teach them about the power of compounding, the better. The magic of compounding […]

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The threat of war with North Korea – implications for investors

Tensions with North Korea have been waxing and waning for decades now but in recent times the risks seem to have ramped up dramatically as its missile and nuclear weapon capabilities have increased. The current leader since 2011, Kim Jon Un, has launched more missiles than Kim II Sung (leader 1948 – 1994) and Kim […]

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Challenges of intergenerational transfer of wealth

By David Baruffi, Financial Advisor This article was originally published in The West Australian ‘Secure Your Future‘ insert on 21 August, 2017. We are about to see the greatest intergenerational transfer of wealth in history as baby boomers collect inherited wealth and start to plan to pass on their wealth to their children. Two questions […]

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Active versus Passive Investing – not this debate again?

By Greg Major, Financial Advisor I heard a very good presentation last week from Andy Sowerby of Legg Mason about the benefits of going “active”. There has been more written about the pros and cons of active versus passive investing than perhaps just about any other topic in the field and the debate will rage. […]

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Low Volatility Investing – Why haven’t I heard of this?

By Greg Major, Financial Advisor This article was published in The West Australian, Secure Your Future insert, on 21 August 2017 Unless you are in the upper echelon of well-read investors, you may not have heard of low volatility investing. While not uncommon, it is not considered mainstream either. For those who follow passive or […]

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Your options in aged care explained

Online source: Produced by AMP Life Limited and published 10 April 2017. Original article.. Print source: By AMP Life Limited, originally published on 10 April 2017 on With multiple avenues to explore, thinking about aged care earlier rather than later could provide you or your loved one with greater flexibility. It’s possible that in the […]

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Divorce: taking the first step towards your new life

The end of a significant relationship is a difficult time, marking the move into a new phase of your life. It’s hard enough navigating the emotional upheaval and dealing with often conflicting emotions, let alone working through the practical considerations of finances and separation of joint assets. Sadly, divorce is something that many people face […]

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Our Top 5 Most Popular Online Financial Calculators

By Dee (Dewi) Chan, Financial Advisor Everybody loves an online calculator. Calculators ask us to input some basic information, and then make quick work of figuring out the most complex computations for us. And they’re kind of fun. There are thousands of calculators online that help millions of people figure things out every day. From […]

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What happens to your estate if you die without a will?

By Jason Laming, Financial Advisor In Australia everyone has an Estate Plan already, a will of sorts, whether you have written one down or not. The rules that govern this are called Intestacy Laws and they determine how your estate is split up if you don’t have a valid will in place when you die. […]

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