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    With no definitive retirement age in Australia, the date you exit the workforce will probably come down to personal circumstances: health, financial commitments and your ability to fund the lifestyle you want will play a big part. Take the Blueprint Wealth 30 Second Retirement Planning Preparation Quiz to see if you need a Retirement Plan.

    There are just 4 to 7 simple Yes/No questions in our quiz. At the end, you will get a personalised analysis, with the option to ask for more information if you need it. There is no need to enter your contact details to access your report.

    1. Are you looking to retire in the next 15 years?

  • 2. Do you have surplus cashflow after paying for your expenses each month?

  • 3. Have you paid off your own home?

  • 4. Do you have a strategy in place that will help you to overcome the risk of losing your ability to earn an income?

  • 2. Do you know how much money you will want, or need, to spend each year when in retirement?

  • 3. Have you paid off your home (not including borrowing for investment purposes)?

  • 4. Have you looked at tax effective means for maximising your ability to save for retirement?

  • 5. Do you have a plan in place in the event that you are unable to earn an income?

  • 6. Have you comprehensively reviewed the investment strategy for your super within the last twelve months?

  • 7. Do you worry about your financial future?

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