Find Your Superannuation Video Series Part 2

We have created a series of three videos to help you locate your superannuation online, using a set of tools that have recently become available online from the Australian government and Taxation Office.

View Part 1 and Part 3 of the series.

You can read the transcription of Find Your Superannuation Part 2 below:

Hi, this is Greg Major from Blueprint Wealth. Welcome to the second in a series of three videos we’ve put together to help you locate all of your superannuation online using a set of tools that are available from the Australian Government and from the tax office.

Now, we’ve set up a myGov account, we’re going to go to stage two. Stage two is all about linking your myGov account into the Australian Tax Office. We need to do that step because it’s the Australian Tax Office who, through the magic of your tax file number, is able to track all of your superannuation accounts.

You’re in here at the myGov website after you’ve created your account and you’ve got the selection of icons and choose this icon here at services. Just click services and go in and you’ll see a range of services here that they’ll offer you and there’s some great services that can link you to various government departments.

The one we’re interested in here is the Australian Tax Office and you’ll see none of my accounts had been linked here to any government departments because I’ve just set up the myGov link.The one we want to connect to here is Australian Tax Office. Go through and click on this link icon and that will shoot us through to the Australian Tax Office.

Do we want to create the profile, we say next and that puts us through to the Australian Tax Office. It’s asking us the question, “Do you already have an ATO online account?” I don’t have an ATO online account. If you did have an ATO online account, you would click yes here. If you did, all you would need would be your Tax File Number (TFN) and your online password that you already had and you would automatically be connected and that’s easy.

If you don’t have an ATO online account, you need to go to the trouble of sitting one up first. That’s what we will do. We’ll click no here if you don’t have one and click next. Now, ahead of time, you’re going to need some information here and the first bit of information is going to be your Tax File Number.

Make sure you’ve got your tax file number on hand and you’re going to need various other bits and pieces of information as well as you go along including things like notice of assessment, bank account details that you’ve had interest credited to you or your group certificate from your employer and these will be all things that will help the ATO validate that it’s really you setting up your account.

Type in your Tax File Number. I hope I can remember mine. I’ll just have a quick look at my notice of assessment to make sure I’ve got my number right, okay dokie. Put in my name, surname, date of birth, and you can read the terms and conditions and privacy notice. If you’re happy with that, click next.

Now, we have to provide some of this information that I mentioned to you. One of those is the notice of assessment. Let’s include notice of assessment. One from the last five years. That is after you’ve submitted your tax return, the ATO provides you the summary of your notice of assessment and you’ll need that information or one of these other three bits of information to help you.

I’m going to use the notice of assessment, but you could use a bank account that you’ve had a tax refund paid into or that you’ve had interest credited to. Your group certificate otherwise known as your PAYG payment summary or some information about a super account that you do know.

I’m going to use the notice of assessment for this example. I’ll click next and it’s going to ask me about some of the information. I’ll just quickly flash that up again for you so you can see. This is what a notice of assessment looks like, typical. It will have this notice of assessment on it and the ATO logo there up the top.

I’ll just move that off screen now so it’s out of the way. What’s the date of issue, and we type in the date of issue there and the reference number of that letter. Where it says reference number, you merely look on that letterhead and type the number that says our reference. There will be a number next to that and just type that straight in.

Once you’re happy with that, we click next and they’re happy with that. Now, we’re going to give them one more thing and I’m going to pull out a group certificate which is a PAYG summary and I’m going to say, “Next.” They’re going to want to know what was the gross amount on my PAYG summary, so I just need to pull that out and type that in and I’ve got a PAYG summary for one of my group certificates and I can include that, type the amount in, click next and they’re happy.

You can see tick, I’ve successfully linked to the Australian Tax Office to the myGov account. Status is linked. That is the end of stage two.

You are now ready to go into stage three, where you will review what you have in superannuation; including the balance in your super account(s), recent contributions and insurances attached to superannuation.

If you have any questions about finding your superannuation or would like to review your personal financial plan, please contact us for an initial consultation.