Superannuation Advice

volkswagen-569315_1280Superannuation is one of the world’s most tax effective ways of investing to accumulate wealth for retirement. Tax concessions and other government benefits currently make it one of the best long term investment vehicles.

The Blueprint Wealth team is well qualified to offer sound superannuation advice to provide you with an effective superannuation strategy, helping you to take advantage of the various concessions available to superannuation investments and cut through the often confusing and complex superannuation legislation.

Download our Investing in your future: Superannuation in plain English fact sheet below to understand how much super you will need, and how to best manage the money for your retirement.

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Our superannuation advice services include

  • Development of definable retirement goals in line with your future lifestyle expectations
  • Advice in regards to existing funds and established funds
  • Consolidation of funds to provide ease of tracking and reduce overall fees
  • Selection of investment options, including a full Superannuation Investment Strategy
  • Review and recommendations of insurance solutions
  • Recommendation around salary sacrifice and non-concessional contributions to superannuation for asset protection, tax optimisation and wealth building.

Superannuation Calculators and Online Resources

  • Superannuation is designed to be a tax-effective way to help you save and invest for your retirement. This video looks at how you can make the most of your superannuation: Taking control of your superannuation
  • Try out AMP’s Super Simulator calculator. My super simulator is designed to give you a sense of how much super you may need to retire and whether you are on track.
  • Consolidating Superannuation: Most of us will have more than one job in our lifetimes. That generally means having more than one super account. Moving your super into one account may help you to save on fees and make managing your super easier. Here are some simple steps to help you sort out your super.
  • Find your lost superannuation: We have created a series of three videos to help you locate your superannuation online, using a set of tools that have recently become available online from the Australian Government and Taxation Office (ATO).

             Find Your Superannuation Part 1

             Find Your Superannuation Part 2

             Find Your Superannuation Part 3

For more information about superannuation advice or to book a free consultation with one of our financial advisors, please contact us.