Our Referral Policy

Blueprint Wealth Client Meeting

We value your referrals

Blueprint is a well-established business with aspirations to continue to grow long term. We continue to invest in our people, our processes and our systems to enable us to have capacity to work with and help our clients reach their financial goals.

A referral from an existing client is the preferred way for a new client to find us. With so little independent information available, a referral from a friend or colleague makes finding a professional so much easier.  As a result, we receive many referrals from our clients and treat each referral very seriously.

If there was someone you knew who required our assistance in the future, you should be aware of our Referral Policy.

  • All referrals from clients are treated on a no-obligation basis.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with any referrals, but there is no pressure placed on them;
  • There is no initial meeting fee for clients who are referred to Blueprint;
  • We maintain strict confidentiality and Privacy Policy procedures between clients and any of their referrals.  We cannot discuss either party’s situation between them.

How do I refer someone to Blueprint?

We ask for a brief introduction by you to any client referral, to avoid any surprises for them.

Simply contact your financial advisor to let them know you have someone we can help and we can provide you information to pass onto them about Blueprint, our process and our people.

Alternatively you can pass on our details and they can book an obligation free appointment online here.

Who can we help?

Wealth Accumulator

  • Aged between 45-55 and living a disciplined and active lifestyle;
  • Successful as a Business Owner or Professional in their field; however, they have mentioned that they are time poor;
  • Questions if they are heading in the right direction;
  • Curious about how much they would need in retirement.

Nearing Retirement

  • Aged 55 and over, and have paid off personal debt;
  • Kids are grown up and they might be “empty nesters”;
  • They’ve worked hard over a long period of time, but there is more of a focus to enjoy life now;
  • Wondering how they can help their kids get set-up financially and what is a smart way in doing that;
  • Considering “scaling-back” a bit at work and maybe start working part-time instead.

Newly Retired

  • Enjoying a happy retirement, spending time travelling and with grandkids, more time for their hobbies;
  • Concerned about how long their money will last;
  • They want help accessing Centrelink benefits and assistance in dealing with Centrelink;
  • They want to make sure they have some money remain for the kids.

Values Personal Advice for Building Wealth

  • Professional or Executive in the Mining or Business industry;
  • Has a disciplined and active lifestyle;
  • Considering property upgrade or looking to buy property with spare money;
  • Just paid off home loan or stopped paying school fees;
  • Had a really good year at work (received a bonus);
  • Wants to invest in a tax effective manner.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.