‘For Better’ Managed Portfolio

What is a Managed Portfolio?

Managed portfolios, sometimes called managed accounts, are a portfolio of managed fund investments held in your name which are selected and managed by a professional investment manager. You benefit from full transparency of the underlying assets, exposure to different investment sectors and performance without the administrative burden of managing these investments separately.

There are five ‘For Better’ managed portfolios available, each with different growth and defensive asset breakdowns and performance return targets. This means you can choose a managed portfolio that suits your personal objectives, level of comfort with investment risk and investment timeframe.

Who is Zenith Investment Partners?

Blueprint Wealth is pleased to work with Zenith Investment Partners as the Investment Manager on the For Better Portfolios. They are one of Australia’s leading research and investment consultants with a near 20-year track record of researching, rating and building investment portfolios. Their business is distinguished by the quality of their in-house research team which is critical to the ongoing success of the managed portfolios operation.

They aim to achieve the portfolio’s investment objectives through robust investment portfolio construction that leverages their strength in fund manager selection and their unique insights into investment markets.

What are the benefits of a ‘For Better’ Managed Portfolio?

  • Expert investment management – Your portfolio will be managed by a managed accounts specialist, researched and selected by your adviser to suit your specific investment needs.
  • Greater transparency – Detailed portfolio reports enable you to see where your money is invested right down to the individual asset, as well as all investment changes made on your behalf.
  • Active performance potential – Your portfolio will be managed by a managed accounts specialist, researched and selected by your adviser to suit your specific investment needs.
  • Stronger compliance – Managed accounts operate as a Managed Investment Scheme under Corporations Law so they must adhere to strict governance and regulatory requirements.
  • Less paperwork – Your portfolio can be updated efficiently and rebalanced regularly within clearly identified guidelines, without you needing to sign additional paperwork.
  • More time to plan for your future – Managed portfolios give you and your adviser more time to talk about your personal financial goals and the strategies available to help you achieve them.

Download the ‘For Better’ Managed Portfolio PDS

Download the Target Market Determination Information (TMD) for each portfolio:

The ‘For Better’ Managed Portfolio is an efficient and transparent approach to managing your portfolio.  Contact us today for more information on how a For Better’ Managed Portfolio can work for you.