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Financial Planning

Financial life-stage milestones: Throughout our lives, we look forward to reaching notable milestones that mark significant life events. When it comes to financial planning, key stages in our life help us to set the course for your financial future.

The value of advice

Simplifying your finances

Money Saving Tips


The Importance of Insurance: Former AFL executive, Steve Woodhouse, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age 50. Mr. Woodhouse was fortunate to have appropriate insurance cover in place. Here is his story.

Understanding insurance: protecting what is important to you. Should something ever happen to you, personal insurance is there to provide financial security for you and your family. This video looks at key aspects to consider when it comes to protecting what is most important to you.

Insurance basics

Using your super for insurance

Trauma cover

Death and total & permanent disability

Income protection


Investment basics

Investing inside your super


Planning for retirement: As retirement gets closer, it is important to step up your planning—so you are financially and emotionally prepared for when you stop working.

Transitioning to retirement: By the time you are 55, you might be thinking about retirement and what to do once you stop working. This video reviews several important aspects you may want to explore as you transition to retirement.

Building for retirement


Taking control of your superannuation: Superannuation is designed to be a tax-effective way to help you save and invest for your retirement. This video looks at how you can make the most of your superannuation.

Find Your Superannuation: We have created a series of three videos to help you locate your superannuation online, using a set of tools that have recently become available online from the Australian government and Taxation Office.

Find Your Superannuation Part 1

Find Your Superannuation Part 2

Find Your Superannuation Part 3

What is super?

Choosing your super

How much super is enough?

How to grow your super

Ways your super can save you on tax

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