Dare to Dream: Research into Australia’s Financial Hopes and Fears

The Financial Planning Association of Australia recently published a national Dare to Dream research report which has some eye opening insights about how Australians feel about their financial future. The report highlights that while one in two Australians dream more about the future now than five years ago, a massive 63% have made “no plans” or “very loose plans” to practically achieve those dreams.

The report also shows that property is still a big part of the ‘Great Australian Dream’ (surprisingly even for Gen Y), and that the biggest financial regret in life for Australians is a lack of saving (47% stated this). The report is well worth a read.

Dare to Dream is a good reminder of why we need a plan in place to realise our biggest dreams. Financial planning is not just about numbers – it is about deciding what we want out of life, then putting in steps to achieve it. It is also a reminder about the importance of financial independence – whatever life stage we find ourselves at.

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Source: Financial Planning Association of Australia, Dare to Dream research report, August 2016.