How MoneyWise works

There are three steps to MoneyWise™, aimed at delivering your money goals over the course of 12 months.

Step 1 – Get a complete view of all your money



Blueprint Wealth is proud to partner with MoneyBrilliant to bring you Australia’s best money management app to help you succeed with money.

At our first meeting, we will work with you to gather important information about your current spending and savings habits.

Your Blueprint Wealth Money Coach will work with you to:

  • Set up the MoneyBrilliant app on your phone, tablet and/or computer; this will provide you with a complete view of your money.
  • Connect your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, superannuation and even loyalty cards. All the details are automatically imported from each account you have and then it is set out in one easy to understand dashboard.
  • Set up and categorise /re-categorise your spending.
  • Show you an example budget.

Your homework at the end of Step 1 will be to:

  • Complete the categorisation of at least 3 months of past expenditures.
  • Complete a budget.

Step 2 – Personalised Cashflow Plan

In Step 2 we will set up your personalised plan consisting of:

Setting goals – what are your specific money goals?

  • Paying down a credit card
  • Saving for a deposit on a house
  • Starting an education fund for the kids
  • Just making ends meet

We will then confirm your budget and current available cashflow and strategy to achieving the goals.

We will also review structures required to achieve your goals, such as:

  • Implementation of offset accounts, bucket accounts
  • Debt reviews, refinance

Step 3 – Regular Review & Coaching Check-ins

Your Blueprint Wealth Money Coach will be there to help you stay on target towards achieving your goals by regularly reviewing your progress against your objectives, analysing any specific issues you might be having and making sure you are getting the most out of the functionality of MoneyWise tools and structures.

The regular review and check-ins with your Blueprint Wealth Money Coach include:

  • Pre-arranged one month check in when we deliver your strategic plan.
  • A phone coaching session at 3 months.
  • A face to face coaching session at 6 months.
  • A final wrap up face to face meeting at the completion of the program in 12 months.
  • Of course, you can contact your Blueprint Wealth Money Coach at any other time by phone for other questions or support.

You will always be accountable for your own spending, but with MoneyWise you have the coaching, information and tools at your disposal to succeed.

Contact us to get started on MoneyWise today.