Investment Planning & Portfolio Construction

darts-102919_1280Investment planning is integral to the strategic development of our clients’ financial plans. We provide personalised Investment Advice that carefully considers your attitude to risk and investment objectives, whilst maximising your returns.

The Blueprint Wealth Investment Advisors will draw on their wealth of knowledge to advise you on the most effective wealth creation strategies, giving careful consideration to your investment choices, appropriate investment vehicles, and tax effective investment strategies.

We can tailor our specialist Investment Advice for you, depending on your situation, to include borrowing to invest, debt recycling and debt management.

Achieving wealth is no accident; it must be designed to happen with sound Investment Planning.

Wealth by Design – Premium Investment Advice

Wealth by Design is Blueprint Wealth’s premium Investment Advice service.  It is ideal for investors looking for professional level advice on their superannuation assets or for financial investments outside of superannuation.  Wealth by Design is equally suitable for investors who are managing their investments inside a retail superannuation platform or for those using self-managed super.

Using techniques similar to that used for large institutional investors, Wealth by Design considers your individual tolerance for risk. Our Investment Planning Strategy will then look to optimise your investment portfolio for long-term performance based on the level of risk you are prepared to undertake. This allows us to use an asset allocation framework to model desirable proportions of growth, defensive and alternative assets.

When it comes to markets and the economy, the “impossible” seems to happen with extreme regularity. That’s why our approach will always be one of diversification. Our Investment Advice approach applies appropriate “tilts” of your portfolio when value arises, but never with an “all-in” approach.   We consider the gap between where you are positioned now and where your optimum portfolio might see you positioned and this guides to the most appropriate Investment Plan for structuring and rebalancing your portfolio.

Over a market cycle, paying attention to the asset allocation of your portfolio is essential to ensure a balance of risk and return.  Ensuring a discipline over maximum and minimum ranges within a particular asset class prevents excessive fear or greed from affecting your investments decisions.  Staying within those allocation ranges for your agreed risk tolerance should minimise future regrets and help build wealth over a suitable time frame.

As part of your subscription to Wealth by Design your Investment Advisor will discuss with you at regular intervals the performance of your portfolio and any recommended changes.  If any changes are required we will provide you with written advice as to why the changes are proposed.  If you agree to those changes we will undertake all the work behind the scenes to bring your portfolio up-to-date.

We recommend Wealth by Design for clients with at least $100,000 of investments, up to any amount.  Our specialist Investment Advisors can help you build your portfolio either within, or outside of, superannuation.  At Blueprint Wealth, we believe that a robust investment process is essential for delivering “risk-aware” long-term performance.

What you can expect from Wealth by Design

Our goal is to provide the investor with an approach that is:

  • Fully transparent – you know at all times what is happening with your investment portfolio and understand the basis of our recommendations
  • Best practice – you receive advice on asset allocation, fund selection and fund manager review based on best practice approaches from informed Investment Advisors
  • Guards against pitfalls – the most common mistakes an investor makes are concentrating too much of their wealth in one risk area and selecting managers who are less likely to have the potential to perform well. We will help you safeguard against these traps.
  • Risk adjusted – we tailor each recommendation to ensure your tolerance for loss is balanced against your desire for improved returns in order to minimise future regrets
  • Market sensitive – we ensure that your investment mix can change in accordance with value opportunities over the cycle
  • Versatile – we can include your own existing or proposed direct shares and property into your portfolio design.
  • In your control – at the end of the day you decide which of our recommendations to adopt.  At all times, you are in control of your investments, every step of the way.

Find out more about our Wealth Creation and Wealth Management approaches or contact us today for more information on how Wealth by Design Investment Advice and Planning can work for you.

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