Insights, tools and coaching

Blueprint Wealth is proud to partner with MoneyBrilliant to bring you Australia’s best money management app to help you succeed with money. It organises your money so that you can see exactly what’s happening and make better decisions on spending and saving.

See all your money together in one place on any device

Knowing what’s happening with your money can be hard when it’s scattered across different banks, financial institutions, superannuation funds, brokers and investments.

MoneyBrilliant connects to over 200 local institutions and brings all your money together so you can see everything in one place on your computer, tablet or phone.

You can even use the Net Worth feature to record the value of things like properties, cars and other assets and liabilities.

Always know how much you can spend

MoneyBrilliant’s Safe Spending helps you manage your cashflow using your current bank balances and your budgeted income and expenses to show amounts you need to put away to cover future expenses.

And how you actually spend it

MoneyBrilliant’s spending reports show you how you really spend your money and help you track progress toward your goals.

Setup and manage Bills

MoneyBrilliant automatically detects regular Bills, helps you set reminders and manage your cashflow so you always have enough cash and you pay on time.

Create a personal budget

MoneyBrilliant automatically analyses your past transactions to create a draft budget for you. You can adjust the budget to include any goals you set and then get on with monitoring your spending – quickly and easily.

Never forget to claim an allowable tax deduction again

MoneyBrilliant’s Tax Deductions feature allows you to easily identify expenses that are tax deductible, attach notes and receipts and provide a summary to your accountant at the end of the year.

Set savings goals and track your progress

MoneyBrilliant’s Save and Invest feature can help you set savings goals, model different ways to achieve them and help you track your progress toward achieving them.

Personal Insights

MoneyBrilliant’s unique Personal Insights provide you with insights into how you spend your money, highlight opportunities to spend less and give you news that is relevant to you.

Safe and secure

MoneyBrilliant uses the same security and encryption technology as banks and we partner with global leaders in banking technology to make sure your personal information is safe and secure.

Blueprint Wealth’s MoneyWise Program provides you with the coaching, information and tools at your disposal to succeed. Our team will work with you to develop and implement a personalised cashflow plan to help you take control of your finances and reach your financial and lifestyle goals.

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