Business Solutions

Silhouettes Of Multi-Ethnic Group Of Business People Working Together In A Board RoomIf you are a small or medium size enterprise the Blueprint Wealth team will help you address your business needs through the various stages of your business cycle, providing solutions that meet your specific requirements.

We will also work closely with your accountant and solicitor to keep your financial plan aligned with your goals.

Small business solutions we can assist with:

  • Sale of business tax planning: working with you and your accountant on the sale of a business to find the best solution. There are a range of concessions available for small business when it comes to capital gains tax. These concessions may need a considerable amount of forward planning to ensure that you will be eligible when it comes time to sell your business.
  • Business succession planning: advice on succession planning to help protect you and your business financially. This includes the setup of buy/sell insurances or other funding solutions to ensure continuity of the business should one business partner die or be incapable of continuing in the business. We have advanced approaches available including working with our referral partners to develop a Business Insurance Trust Agreement.
  • Business protection: designing a protection plan for your business in the event of a disruption such as the departure or disability of an owner or key employee.
  • Retirement plans and employee benefits: providing tax effective retirement planning for you and your staff including a benefits strategy that fits with your employees’ needs.

For more information about Blueprint Wealth Small Business services, please contact us.