Financial Health Check

What to expect

At your one-on-one appointment with a Blueprint Wealth financial advisor we will spend time getting to know you better.

We will ask a range of questions about your finances to gain a good understanding of where you are at and determine whether you are on track to meet your financial goals. We will then offer some tools and information which you can take away and implement yourself, or alternatively seek further financial advice.

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Your Financial Health Check includes

  • A 60 minute complimentary personal consultation with a Blueprint Wealth Financial Advisor.
  • An analysis of your debt, cashflow, insurance, superannuation and how it all ties together.

What to bring

Before we meet, it’s a good idea to do some preparation. Good advice depends on a clear picture of your financial situation.

For example, you could start with bringing:

  • What you own – your home, savings, super, car, shares and other investments
  • What you owe – debts including mortgages, loans and outstanding credit card balances
  • Income and expenses
  • What insurance you have and for how much
  • Whether you have an up-to-date will

These are not essential for our meeting but may be useful if they are relevant to our discussions.

What happens after our meeting?

After you have met with us for a Financial Health Check, if you would like to go ahead and seek further financial advice with our team, we will move ahead with our Advice Process. We will work closely with you to deliver recommendations on the steps you need to take and keep you on track to realising your financial goals.

Learn more about the key steps in the Financial Advice Process.

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