Should I take my super as a lump sum or not?

When it comes to accessing your super, it’s important you make the right choice. You’ve spent your working life accumulating super. So when the time comes, are you better off taking a lump sum, regular income or both? Let’s weigh up the alternatives so you can start to consider what may be best for you. […]

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Your Essential New Year Checklist

These tips can help your health, wealth and happiness flourish in the coming year. Another year has flashed by even quicker than the last. Now’s the time to look back on whether you achieved everything you wanted to last year and set your goals for the coming year. Here are some tips to help you […]

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What happens if I let my insurance lapse?

Like many Australians you may be wondering if your cover can adapt to your needs. If you let your insurance lapse, you risk being unable to make a claim when you may really need to. Take a look at our claims statistics below and you’ll see that, more often than not, it’s our older customers […]

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Christmas on a budget: 10 tips to survive the silly season

By Greg Major*, BA (AsSt) BE (Hons) MBA, GAICD FFIN FAIM, Director, Blueprint Wealth With the festive season in full swing it can be extremely tempting to blow caution to the wind and splurge – fun at the time, but it can mean putting ourselves on the back foot in the New Year. With a […]

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Income Protection Insurance for the Self-Employed

By Damien Quirk, AFP®, Financial Advisor, Blueprint Wealth If you work for yourself, you have chosen a very special path for you and your family.  As a business owner, you have flexibility in your decision making, the freedom to set your own schedule and lead through your own set of values towards your vision. But here’s […]

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How salary sacrifice can help you save tax and boost your super

We’ve all heard of salary sacrifice—but what does it mean when it comes to your super? It means contributing extra to your super, on top of what your employer already does, in before-tax dollars. Salary sacrifice payments—classified as concessional contributions because a lower tax rate applies—enable you to keep more of your money so your […]

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Live the life you want this year

You can do it! Your health, wealth and happiness can flourish in the New Year. Research shows that new years’ resolutions are worthy of serious consideration—if you make resolutions, you’re 10 times more likely to change things than if you don’t[1]. But 92% of new years’ resolutions fail to be realised according to research[2]. The […]

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Investing in a holiday home

Is it really your great Aussie dream?  It happens every year. You’re strolling down the high street of your local beachside town enjoying a long hot summer with the family when a holiday home in the real estate agents’ window catches your eye. And you start thinking: “If we had our own place, we could […]

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Saving in a material world…

By Greg Major*, BA (AsSt) BE (Hons) MBA, GAICD FFIN FAIM, Director, Blueprint Wealth It’s not easy to be thrifty in our consumer society. We’re surrounded by so much temptation that it can be difficult to avoid spending money. So why not try taking a break from spending this spring. If you can tighten your […]

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The generation game


Dr Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist at AMP Capital, talks about how to invest for retirement in the light of key demographic changes. In this issue of Aspirations, we ask Dr Shane Oliver his thoughts on investment strategies, sequencing risk and changes to the age pension. How should investors adjust their […]

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